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Nick Canellis


Nick Canellis has over 24 years of experience working with clients to construct complex projects in the Chicagoland area. In 2017, Nick developed a new company focusing on an increase of client interaction and built on trust while applying his broad knowledge of the building process to deliver complex projects for his clients. Known for his team leadership and problem solving skills, Nick has delivered exceptional quality on his projects in the education, cultural, institutional and other markets.

Before forming his client focused project management firm, Nick worked for 22 years as a construction manager, guiding numerous projects through design to completion. Using his extensive construction experience has made him well versed in cost estimating, permitting, scheduling, planning, procurement, and conducting feasibility and constructability studies.



The Three to Know about Nick


Nick's career in construction started early during college where he studied engineering.  His desire for a challenge emerged out of the technical complications within this field.  This specialized craft allows Nick to excel at working alongside his clients and team to resolve and see results.

When thinking about his past positions, Nick created Trellis Group not just as a construction management firm, but a place of resources.  Allowing clients to rely on Trellis Group as a place to go to get answers, even when they aren't sure where to start.

Careful listening, systematic interactions, and thoughtful movements are the backbone to a longlasting client relationship.  It's also what gets Nick up at 5am every day and keeps him going.  

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